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We help build high-engagement, values-based,
ethical workplace cultures.

We equip leaders with an enhanced appreciation of the importance of conscious ethics management practices, strengthening the foundations of your organisation’s reputation and sustainability.

Working as partners of in-house HR practitioners, compliance specialists and executive teams, we support and supplement their strategies, lending specialist insights and third-party credibility to their objectives. This support is provided in up-front (guru) or backroom (ghost) form.


Our relationship with a client starts and continues through conversations – we specialise in being a sounding-board for business leaders and specialist in-house support experts (compliance, finance, procurement, human resources) wishing to discuss their engagement, ethics and compliance challenges.

Our valued sounding-board service is available on an hourly-rate basis in person or by tele and video conference.

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The forging of an aligned, ethical workplace culture rests upon a shared commitment to the purpose and principles that guide your organisation and the teams within it.

This can require a revisiting of and recommitment to your overarching framework by the current key stakeholders, ideally facilitated by an expert third-party.

Mission, Vision and Values Statements | Strategic Planning | Team Effectiveness | Ethics Strategies

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How far is your current state from your desired reality? There is a wealth of information available from your employees and other stakeholders, and we efficiently elicit and report meaningful employee insights that will better inform your action plans.

Employee Engagement | Organisation Culture | Tailored Research and Surveys

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Policies and Procedures

We work with what you already have to strengthen the extent to which your written and practiced expectations and requirements are aligned with regulatory and best-practice requirements.

Codes of Ethics | Whistleblowing Policies | Anti-Bribery Policies | Policies Alignment

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