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Learning Products

We develop generic and tailored content products that supplement your communication and learning programmes. Bring your ethical values, codes, best-practices and policies to life with content for your website, intranet, learning management system and newsletters.

Want to breathe life into your whistle-blowing programme, encourage use and deter retaliation? Need to caution against the acceptance of gifts and hospitality unless in keeping with your policy? Want to warn recruiting managers of the dangers of perceived nepotism? Have to explain the key concepts in anti-bribery legislation from entry-level to executive? You can pick and mix from our exhaustive list of ethics-related topics. Interested in text or video-content to promote your ethics initiatives? Start a discussion with us by emailing

We specialise in making complex concepts accessible to all. For example, our microlearning, video-based series on Conflicts of Interest is positioned for audiences from grass-roots to governing bodies. At Ethicalways we believe that the ability to recognise conflicts of interest is an essential life-skill – it empowers us all to read and recognise motives rather than be misled and enables us to hold others accountable for the integrity of their actions.

Our approach combines the latest learning approaches (such as microlearning) with latest thinking in behaviour-shaping messaging (such as the importance of nudging) in our text, podcast, webinar and video based content. Our Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Compliance series starts with key concept building-blocks that engage audiences from the outset, promoting their appreciation of the importance of ethical workplace activity for the quality of life available in our communities and for the sustainability of their own livelihoods.

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