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Fraud Awareness Programme

Available as a five-part, microlearning video and text content series OR as an interactive eLearning programme,  either way, it will engage, and unite employees at every level of your organisation.

Working with you to create and maintain a culture of integrity in your workplace

Raise awareness

Our engaging programme makes the tricky concept of fraud easily understood through an engaging, infotainment approach that has your audience eager to see the next episode.

Reduce fraud risk

Equipping every single employee to recognise fraud risk is your best protection against insider and outsider fraud. At the same time, it helps us all to resist fraud schemes in our personal lives.

Promote a speak up culture

This is a programme that gets everybody talking. It increases the extent to which employees understand and exercise their duty to speak up when they suspect fraud at work.

Fulfill governance obligations

Give comfort to your key stakeholders that you manage fraud risk actively. Promote confidence in the trustworthiness of your organisation in the eyes of shareholders, regulators, funders, sponsors, auditors and the general public.


Our Key Features

The magic of microlearning

Five short videos distributed with pre-drafted text communication over one work week achieves superior results compared to traditional, time-consuming training.


Reach every employee, at every level, at the same time

Carefully crafted content serves as a timely reminder to some while delivering powerful new insights to others. Simultaneous distribution brings you the magic of momentum.

Content designed for a Sub-Saharan Africa audience

Already in use across four continents, this is a programme created in Southern Africa with imagery and messaging that is an authentic match to our realities.. Available in English, French and Portuguese.  

Available in generic or personalised, branded versions

Our all-purpose generic programme is available within 24 hours. It can also be branded with your logo and colour scheme, incorporating sector specific fraud examples, your relevant policy names and ethics hotline / reporting channel details in under 14 days.   

Mobile-friendly with multiple hosting options

Suitable for viewing on any device of choice, you can choose to host the videos on your intranet or use links to our hosting platform.

No complex licensing renewals required

Pay once and play forever – once purchased the series is yours.


Day 1 – Episode 1

“What fraud is and what it can mean for you”


In this short, introductory episode we start by looking at ways in which we can each become victims of fraud in our personal lives. Examples include identity theft, pre-payment fraud, job scams, fake competition ‘wins’, and other online scams.

This ensures that from the start of the series, employees experience the programme as relevant to them as individuals. The episode positions the employer as caring about employee financial well-being and sets the tone for the remainder of the series which is that fraud is a shared problem for the employer and the employee.

The episode concludes with the definition of fraud, divided into three elements. This definition is the basis for identifying fraud against the employer, by outsiders and insiders, in the episodes that follow.

Day 2 – Episode 2

“How fraud can affect any organisation, of any size, in any sector”

  • Recap of the definition of fraud
  • That fraud can be directed against any type of organisation
  • That it can be committed by outsiders or by insiders, or by outsiders and insiders working together
  • Example of outsider fraud (impersonating supplier, providing fake account number)
  • Example of insider and outsider working together, introduces concept of collusion’ in getting kickback in return for promoting outsider as a supplier
  • That insiders can be duped into aiding fraudsters unwittingly
  • Example of ‘CEO fraud’  Internal controls and procedures help protect the organisation from risk but we need people to make them work
  • ‘If you care, be aware – don’t let fraudsters harm our shared future’.

Day 3 – Episode 3

“Can you spot the fraudster at work”

  • Recap of fraud definition
  • That as fraudsters deliberately deceive, it is hard to recognise them
  • Especially hard to recognise a fraudster when they are staring back at us in the mirror or are a co-worker or supervisor!
  • Introducing concept of occupational fraud
  • Defining occupational fraud
  • That it can be committed by people at all levels of an organisation
  • Viewers asked to consider whether or not a range of examples meet the definition of occupational fraud
Examples are:
  • Secretly working on a private business in working hours
  • Calling in sick when tired from a night out
  • Using company resources for private purposes
  • Caiming business mileage and reimbursement for expenses not incurred and miles not driven
  • Using petty cash for private expenses
  • Having someone sign the attendance register for us even though we are not present
  • Submitting leave application, hoping superior will forget to follow up

*Can be tailored to organisation sector and priorities if the personalisation package is selected.

Day 4 – Episode 4

“Can good people sign away their integrity at work”


Start by giving viewers an opportunity to reflect on how they felt at the end of Episode 3.

Then look at the myth that we are either good or bad, but that for most of us it’s a bit more complicated…becoming our best selves can be a life long journey, that involves making many daily choices.

We can be shining lights in our personal lives, but nevertheless lose our way at work. So we ask the question why would an employee commit fraud at work?

Discuss three reasons: Pressure, Rationalisation and Opportunity. We discuss that organisational control systems and policies help to limit fraud. We explain that it is impossible to remove every fraud risk. This is because trust lies at the heart of our management systems.

Trust lies at the heart of the employment relationship and is necessary for efficient processes. The need to be worthy of your employer’s trust.

Day 5 – Episode 5 – The finale!

“What fraud at work means for you, wherever your career takes you”

  • Reflection on what a journey has been travelled since Episode 1
  • That we understand fraud as a hazard to be avoided in our personal and work lives
  • That fraud schemes appear to be on the increase globally
  • That the financial resources they target seem to keep diminishing
  • That money is not the only thing lost to fraud
  • What is jeopardized is a priceless commodity – reputation
  • That none of us want a loss of reputation or the employer to become unsustainable
  • That we do want: to feel proud in the eyes of friends and family, to have an unblemished CV, to fulfil our financial responsibilities to our dependents
  • That we do want our employer to be able to: afford resources to enable us to work effectively, deliver improved services, products and impact, give employees growth opportunities, maintain employment levels, build suppliers and contribute to employment levels through the supply chain, contribute to the social and economic advancement of our country
  • That the employer assists us to fulfil our obligations to protect it from fraud, for example through policies and procedures, awareness training, channels for speaking up when we have concerns about suspected or known fraud
  • The need for us all to speak up for a brighter future
  • The importance to all of us of the value of integrity.
Our Fraud Awareness Programme was seen by over



Clients who have invested in the series come from sectors as diverse as medical aid schemes, higher education institutions, warehousing and logistics companies, financial services, FMCG manufacturers, private hospitals, equipment hire, and national and provincial public sector entities.

Ethicalways provides facilitation and training services to and develops learning content for organisations seeking to instil a culture of integrity.


Here are some of the diverse organisations that choose Ethicalways to deliver training or learning content

Compliance Officer

Thank you for the incredible programme, we will also use the series as part of new starter induction going forward

Company Secretary

My CFO says we will list this as a key intervention in our next annual report to shareholders

Payroll Manager

We’re anticipating a marked drop in inflated travel and entertainment claims!

IR specialist

At least now if we have internal fraud cases we have proof that we made awareness training available.

Operations Manager

The conversations within teams, especially after the eye-opening Episode 3, were fascinating.


We’ve had employees from all levels coming forward with suggestions on how to reduce fraud risk – until now it’s been us executives trying to do all the risk identification and mitigation.

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