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Flagship Training Topics

Available in half-day, full-day and two-day versions offering differing levels of learning and application, our material caters for all levels in your organisation.

The Ethical Ways at Work Series | Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Awareness | Managing for Employee Engagement

  • Ethical Ways at Work: Delegates typically arrive wary but leave awakened, committed to conducting themselves in a manner that promotes the inextricable best interests of their employer and themselves.
  • Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Awareness: More than a tick-box exercise for clients who must comply with the provisions of the UK Bribery Act, US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act or other anti-corruption legislation, delegates on our anti-bribery programme are engaged from the start as they realise the unwitting role they may be playing in the perpetration of corruption.
  • Managing for Employee Engagement: This definitive workshop integrates classic 20th century theory, contemporary 21st century insights from neuroscience and behavioural economics, and today’s African realities, providing managers and supervisors with an actionable blueprint for achieving and maintaining engagement.
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Keynote Addresses

Our 45 to 90-minute keynotes are packed with insights that have a powerful impact on audiences. High quality delivery complimented by powerful imagery and with strong takeaway value, our keynotes are suited to conferences large and small.

Sticky Tape and Scar Tissue | Turn of the Tide | Heartbeat of Engagement | The Other Type of HR Risk: Human Rights in the Supply Chain

  • Sticky Tape and Scar Tissue peels away the mystery and reveals why good people behave badly at work and what leaders can do to create contexts in which people become their best rather than their worst selves. See the Sticky Tape and Scar Tissue promo here.
  • Turn of the Tide shines a spotlight on a terrain of strategic risk easily overshadowed by corruption scandals – the need for every business to prepare for a tidal wave of anti-corruption compliance requirements. Stunned, scared, inspired – just three words used to describe how Turn of the Tide leaves an audience. Always up to date with the latest regulatory developments with case examples that can be tailored to specific sectors (e.g. healthcare, medical devices, pharma, education, extractives). See the Turn of the Tide promo here.
  • The Other Type of HR Risk: Don’t get tripped up by human rights compliance issues in your supply chain. We use the phenomenon of Modern Slavery and the obligations on business in terms of the Sustainable Development Goals to bring your human rights compliance obligations into sharp focus.
  • In Heartbeat of Engagement we look at the parallel findings of neuroscience research into the two areas of ethics and engagement, relate these to our current socio-economic context, and conclude that there can be no such thing as morale when the moral element is missing. The topics in our masterclass series are also available in keynote version.
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The topics in our masterclass series are also available in keynote version.

The masterclass series is for participants with roles that require that they lead or guide the practical application of the principles contained in our training workshops and keynote. Group members will generally share a speciality such as compliance, human resources or procurement, making it possible for us to focus on profession-specific best practices and shared problem-solving.

Ethical Ways at Work | Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Compliance (sector specific) | The Heartbeat of Employee Engagement | Ethical Peril in the Practice of Pay | Recognizing and Routing Ethical Risk in Recruitment | Wise Ways in the Management of Whistle-Blowing | Protecting Procurement Integrity

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Continuing Professional Development

We bring engaging, new material based on international ethics and anti-corruption regulatory developments and actual cases to the continuing education needs of members of professional bodies.

All the Ethicalways’ CPD input is provided in the context of the latest international developments, bringing a global context to the local practice of your profession. Case examples are tailored to the speciality in question, for example the material is of particular relevance to the internal auditing, accounting, compliance, procurement, industrial psychology, medical, pharmaceutical, marketing and human resources professions. International audiences similarly benefit from our expert insights into the application of ethics and compliance principles in the African context.

A review of your existing ethics-related CPD material identifies gaps and opportunities for bringing your programme up to date while offering your members a fresh perspective on the ever-importance of ethics and compliance.

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