The ABCs of Behavioural Science for Ethics and Compliance.

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Do you need evidence-based, actionable insights on which to build great compliance interventions?

Join compliance officers and specialists from various fields on Wednesday 22 September from 11:00 – 15:00.

This is an opportunity to supplement your technical knowledge with the insights available from behavioural science, the essential building block missing from so many compliance specialist CVs.

These four high impact hours will transform the confidence with which you are able to devise and motivate your compliance programmes with the benefit of a foundation of facts and findings from a number of related disciplines.

We don’t only go back to basics, we use this as a foundation to provide evidence-based answers to these and other pressing compliance challenges:

Messaging for compliance across cultures and continents
Harnessing the power of social proof
Understanding ethical blindness
The dangers of incentivising compliance
Know your nudge from your sludge
Brain-friendly awareness programmes
The willing compliance formula