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Creating a speak up culture and managing your ethics hotline

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Links to all our articles on creating a speak up culture and managing your ethics hotline in one ‘omniblog’! Ethicalways combines deep, practical experience with the latest international research in providing evidence-backed advice to our clients.

There is little more important in the creation of an ethical workplace culture than the conscious creation of a climate in which people feel invited and free to share their insights and observations without fear of negative consequences.

In this regularly-updated ‘omniblog’ you will find links to our most read writings in this area. While some articles have been published directly on LinkedIn, many others have been written for South African-based independent ethics hotline provider, Whistle Blowers, operating in over 35 countries on six continents and specialists in Africa. In addition, our trio of Fact Sheets written for and published by the professional board for Human Resources in South Africa, the SABPP, have been welcomed by readers the world over. 

If you only read one of the resources listed in our omniblog, let it be this one:

Creating a Speak Up Culture in the Workplace

This is hands down our most read piece ever! A comprehensive Fact Sheet published by the SABPP in July 2019 that is being referenced to this day.

On the other hand… perhaps it should be this one:

Ethics Hotline Management: Best Practice Guideline for Employers

Our September 2019 Fact Sheet for the SABPP is packed with valuable insights.

If you want to deepend your understanding of how to create a speak up culture, and why you need an effective ethics hotline, read on!

Why you really do need an ethics hotline

How an ethics hotline reduced my sleepless nights

by Penny Milner-Smyth on LinkedIn on 22 February 2018

A great starter article if you or your colleagues are still doubting whether or not you need a professionally-managed hotline, this article will convince you and then guide you in the selection and management of the service. Written from the perspective of an in-house HR practitioner with many years of experience to support the insights shared. A version of this article first appeared in the HR Voice August 2017 publication of the SA Board for People Practices.

Detect and Prevent Occupational Fraud: Valuable Insights from the ACFE 2018 Survey 

While this article deals with a lot more than whistleblowing, what is shows is the high importance of employee tips and ethics hotlines for the early detection of fraud.

by Penny Milner-Smyth for Whistle Blowers at | 8 May 2018

Promoting a culture of speaking up and whistleblowing

These articles answer your questions about how to promote a culture of speaking up – and how not to! 

Encouraging employee whistleblowing: Do’s and donts backed by science

by Penny Milner-Smyth for Whistle Blowers at | published 4 June 2018

Why people don’t speak up at work: insights and actions for leaders 

by Penny Milner-Smyth for Whistle Blowers at | published 6 August 2018

Don’t pay the whistleblower: Even if he gets you to the other side

by Penny Milner-Smyth on LinkedIn | published 22 November 2015

Understanding Protected Disclosures legislation

South Africa’s Protected Disclosures legislation is considered amongst the finest in the world. The Protected Disclosures Act was the subject of revision in 2017 in keeping with latest international trends and you can understand the new requirements here.

FACT SHEET: The Protected Disclosures Act – Obligations and Implications for South African Employers

Published in May 2019, this is a must-read for all South African employers and all foreign organisations employing people in South African-based operations. A suprising number of employers have yet to implement the whistle blower feedback obligations – read all about them here. 

Amendments to South Africa’s Protected Disclosures Act: What you Need to Know and Do

by Penny Milner-Smyth for Whistle Blowers at | published 22 February 2018

A Quick Guide to Applying the ‘Duty to Inform Whistleblower’ Provisions of the Amended Protected Disclosures Act

by Penny Milner-Smyth for Whistle Blowers at | published 10 April 2018

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