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Creative Approaches to Raising Awareness of Corruption – Useful Readings and Resources for ‘Raising the Bar’ Listeners

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Following our Monday 31 January discussion on Raising the Bar on SAFM’s Late Night Conversations with Patricia Ntuli, here are links to the creative anti-corruption initiatives and resources we discussed on the show.

If you missed the show and would like to hear it, you can listen to the podcast here .

Using film and music to promote integrity 

We spoke about two Accountability Lab initiatives: Integrity Icon and Voice2Rep

Navigate to these and other Accountability Lab initiatives from:

You can follow the initiatives via their FaceBook page:

Take the time to catch up on Integrity Icon and Voice2Rep annual programmes in other African countries – you will be blown away by the Voice2Rep Nigeria Album, In These Present Times – available on Spotify and ITunes. Watch the music videos on the Voice2Rep page to get an idea of the production quality of the music coming out of the series.

Even the anti-corruption community takes these initiatives seriously, read their views here:

By Shanil Wijesinha for Global Anti-Corruption Blog (27 July 2018): Lights, Camera, Integrity? From “Naming and Shaming” to “Naming and Faming”

By Shirin Alhauser for Global Anti-Corruption Blog (2 August, 2019): ‘Conspicuous integrity’ can change national perceptions of graft

TV Drama Series and Reality TV against Corruption

China has excelled in the use of these mediums to raise awareness of the problem of corruption.

Here is an article written around the time of the launch of the riveting ‘In the Name of the People’:, and enjoy reading about the support the series has from the government. Here is the show’s Wikipedia page 

Read a very recent article on the series, ‘TV show on corruption hooks China‘ in the Taipei Times here:

Tourism against Corruption

If the idea of the bus tours, like CORRUPTOURS and KLEPTOBUS appealed to you, learn more about these powerful activities. For example:

In Mexico young people are running open-top bus tours to help people to visualise corruption and focus on its impacts. Highly recomment the short BBC clip at:

In London a former Russian banker, Roman Borisovich, has powerfully turned the spotlight is on the mansions bought with dirty money by Russian and Ukrainian politicians and their cronies. Read this insightful piece from The Guardian: ‘Kleptocracy tours’ expose state failure to stop dirty money buying up London.

When it comes to tourism we should talk about amusements too.

Learn about the Ukraine ‘Corruption Park’  in this Reuters article:

Perhaps this initiative amongst others helped actor / comedian Volodymyr Zelensky become President of the Ukraine – he campaigned on an anti-corruption ticket.

Art against Corruption

If you were interested in the works produced by artists for the Inter-American Development Bank competition some years back, won by a Columbian cartoonist, you can see some of the examples via this article:,11352.html

It was taken seriously enough to have a write up by Sarah Krys in the Global Anti-Corruption Blog of 19 February 2016:

Comedy against Corruption

A good read, ‘Corruption should be a laughing matter’, again from the Global Anti-Corruption Blog and by Brooke Davies 14 June 2021


INSPIRED? Share your feedback regarding anti-corruption initiatives you engage in via

Learn more about Ethicalways and our advisory and training services which seek to support your organisation’s culture of integrity on our website and if you would like to raise awareness about corruption in your organisation, learn more about our unique video-based learning programme, ‘Don’t Feed the Octopus’ here. And remember: “No-one makes a greater mistake than they who do nothing because they can only do a little” – a quote by Edmund Burke (with pronouns amended for inclusivity).





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