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The ABC’s of Corruption: A Fact Sheet for Every Employer

By 25th February 2021February 2nd, 2023No Comments

‘Confident that no corruption is taking place within your organisation? Or between it and your suppliers, customers and other third parties?

Whether your answer, is YESNO, or UNSURE, your strength of confidence should be based on an unambiguous understanding of what corruption is and how it impacts your workplace or organisation.

With headlines focused on ‘grand corruption’ and eye-watering financial losses, it’s understandable that many executives feel comparatively confident that they occupy a moral high ground based on the way their business dealings are conducted.

It is in this comparative confidence that a great deal of risk lies. For corruption is corruption, with all its legal, financial, reputational and social implications, regardless of whether its occurrence is….’ READ MORE

As a content development provider to Whistle Blowers, the largest independent multi-channel ethics hotline provider on the African continent, and serving over 35 countries on six continents, we were delighted to have the opportunity of preparing The ABC’s of Corruption: A Fact Sheet for Every Employer for Whistle Blowers who provide their clients with ongoing awareness information to support them pursue their integrity journeys.

The enormous positive response to this article made us think it should have been called The ABC’s of Corruption: A Fact Sheet for EVERYONE. If you care about corruption and want to be a part of the solution, simply forward it to all in your organisation.

Contact Ethicalways at for information about our anti-corruption including anti-bribery awareness programmes. Contact Whistle Blowers at to enquire about their multi-channel ethics hotline service.

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